Until now the band have only existed behind closed doors, recording an album of lo-fi leaning darkness cloaked in their favourite elements of nineties indie rock.

Bridging the gap between his folkpop solo albums and the noisy alt. rock of Wayter, Eddie Halliday’s new project was an experiment in home recording an imaginary band. The strong melodies of the song writing, now mixed with layers of distorted acoustic guitars, coming across like a Teenage Fanclub / Sebadoh love child.

Buzzards broke on through to the other side on Record Store Day 2012, playing their first live show to release the fantastic RSD2012 7″ split with Nicholas Stevenson. The split was limited to 50 copies and each one is hand-painted with its own unique design by Nicholas Stevenson.

Buzzards released their second 7” split single with Swedish band Steel Island at The Monarch in London on the 16th of October! It features their track “Beartrap” and Steel Islands’ “Infinite Wave”.
Simply go to the Hilldrop Records store to get your copy. Once you’ve bought it, you can get your digital download here.

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Buzzards & Steel Island Split 7”Buzzards & Steel Island Split 7”
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Buzzards – Beartrap

Buzzards - Promo pic

Buzzards - Promo pic

Buzzards - Promo pic

Photographs by Patricija Stepanovic