Nicholas Stevenson

Nicholas Stevenson

Nicholas Stevenson was found as a child wandering a North American wood on all fours. Taken in by a research team, they found him at first incapable of speech with a preference for wild berries and certain mosses. With time he began making occasional drawings and hummed tunes whilst pounding on a xylophone that the research team had presented him with.
As Nicholas grew up he became polite and well spoken and was subsequently adopted by some fine folks in England. He remembers little of his days in the woods, although he once found himself able to hold conversation with a Raccoon in London Zoo.
Nicholas’ storytelling will steer you on a splendid séance through songs about kid’s parties, parallel places, mystical people, infuriating lecturers, imaginary houses, a comet, but not quite, and of course, the ever-elusive spectral sweetheart.

Feel free to download two of his tracks off his debut album Phantom Sweetheart for free at the bottom of this page. If you think they’re great you can mosey on over to our online store and get a CD, or get a digital copy from iTunes.

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Nicholas Stevenson - Tip Toes singleTip Toes Single
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Nicholas Stevenson - Maybe The Moon singleMaybe The Moon Single
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By Frederick Lloyd