Welcome to the Hilldrop Records Downloads page – an audio documentary full of historical homemade recordings, reverse self-help tapes, lo-fi learn a language tracks and technicolour sonic glitch fits.

These tracks aren’t available anywhere else, they are demos and home recordings that we feel should sit on here and not the dusty shelves of the Hilldrop Towers Library.

If you want to have a listen click the links below for a free download, for all our other released recordings and downloads check out the Artists and Compilations pages.

Buzzards‘ Eddie Halliday is the latest edition to the Hilldrop family. Joining in 2012, Buzzards bring a new alt-rock, fuzzy, shoegaze vibe to the table which we are happy to lap up. Here is a track he recorded 3 or 4 years ago we thought was too nice to get dusty on the shelf. This little less loud blissful track is called Circles.Eddie Halliday – Circles Eddie Halliday
Midstream Splitt On This Morning (Midstream Take) shuffled into An Upward Artful Scarp with force. Though an album is on the build, neither member of Midstream Splittis sure when the record might meet the light of day, if ever. This track Nightbear With A Button Nose is five and half minutes of what may be the sound of the record to come.Midstream Splitt – Nightbear With A Button Nose
In between making records to release through Hilldrop, Nicholas Stevenson is an avid home recording artist. Here is a little collection of tracks including a Christmas song from 2010, an ancient instrumental outtake from 2003 and a cover of the almighty And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead. We love Nicholas Stevenson to bits, and two of these unreleased numbers are nostalgic of our meeting and growing days.Nicholas Stevenson – Nicholas Stevenson Nicholas Stevenson
Bella Took Bella Took’s Breaking Sea Saloon made its way onto the We Can Be Friendscompilation in 2008 after playing the second Hilldrop show ever at the Marrs Bar in Worcester. Carry The Moon is a track on their unreleased EP that was recorded at Shed Studios in Hereford (where Small Engine Repair did theirs).Bella Took – Carry The Moon
Written and recorded in one night, Waves Break Saga put down a whole album named Between Bedrooms & Friends. The duo split in 2010 so the record went unreleased, other than the song “Primrose” which made it onto the We Can Be Friendscompilation. Here is Still As Still Can Be, a track from that session.Waves Break Red Saga – Still As Still Can Be Waves Break Red Saga
Little Sea Monsters We met Nick Crumpton (Little Sea Monsters) working at a zoo in 2004 where after a brief discussion about music, left us in the possession his 21 track album that until now has sat in one man’s record collection for over 6 years. These 21 tracks were probably cause for the idea, vision and creation of Hilldrop Records. Here are five lo-fi glitch beauties from that album.Little Sea Monsters – Little Sea Monsters